Whether looking for a marketing strategy to launch a new business or to overhaul your existing strategy, Dirty Hands can create, set up and execute the ideal marketing plan to help you achieve your goals.  With specialists in content management, social media, email marketing and SEO, we have the tools to effectively promote your business online.


Paid Search Marketing.  Considered the cheapest and simplest way to advertise your business, cost-per-click (CPC) advertising offers companies a way to target their ads specifically to people looking for your product or service and avoid wasting precious marketing dollars on non-targeted users.  If TV, radio and direct mail are shotguns, think of paid search as the sniper rifle.  Dirty Hands will conduct a review of your website, ad copy and target market then create a paid search campaign that reaches a qualified audience.


Ad buying.  Prefer the shotgun approach?  Dirty Hands will evaluate your business’s competitive situation and individual objective to produce a combination of advertising mediums that maximize your marketing dollars.  Dirty Hands work closely with quality vendors to promote your business on TV, radio and direct mail. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google and Bing evaluate websites based on credibility and relevancy and provide the best matches to searchers based on the keyword phrase entered.  The more relevant these search engines consider your website, the better it will appear in the rankings.  And best of all, any clicks here are free!  Dirty Hands makes use of content management, social media, videos, maps and link-building to position your website as the most relevant for your target market.


Email Marketing.  Whether you are looking for the best way to communicate with those on your newsletter list or to build one of your own, email marketing is a cost-effective way to provide information on your products and services to those same people that have expressed interest in the past.


Social Marketing.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, YouTube…the list goes on and on.  With so many choices, which (if any) is right for your business.  Dirty Hands will evaluate your business and develop a consistent message across all platforms so that your target market sees what you want, when you want.

Custom Strategies


  • Promotion
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • CMS

Lead Generation


  • PPC
  • Email
  • Coreg
  • TV/Radio
  • Direct Mail