produces and markets lead management and lead distribution systems to mortgage brokers. Looking to offer value-added tools to existing products, Boberdoo and Dirty Hands implemented automated drip campaigns that sales reps can use to keep in contact with prospective clients. Boberdoo and Dirty Hands then executed a targeted marketing strategy utilizing both internet marketing and direct mailings.


Johnson Law Offices & Sound Advisors

Johnson Law Offices focuses on hearing loss workers compensation claims. Looking to find a new avenue to potential clients, Johnson Law Offices and Dirty Hands created Sound Advisors, an informational service designed to raise awareness and educate the public on hearing loss. Sound Advisors targets retired persons by giving short presentations and free hearing tests during normal union meetings. By targeting unions, Johnson Law Offices are able to efficiently reach prospective clients at a minimal cost.


Pinpoint Prospects

Pinpoint Prospects is a business-to-consumer lead generation company specializing in the financial services industry.  Pinpoint turned to Dirty Hands for online sales lead generation to help their clients find more new business.  With over a $10,000 monthly advertising budget, Dirty Hands  designs their marketing materials and online promotions utilizing email marketing, paid search and coregistration paths to obtain new business profitably.


Proposal Portal

Proposal Portal is a business-to-business lead generation company.  Specializing in finding businesses that need assistance with credit card processing, small business financing and other services, we developed a unique strategy combining on- and off-line marketing to reach businesses in the retail and restaurant industry.  A small business itself, Dirty Hands helped to grow Proposal Portal to $2 million in annual revenues in less than 18 months.


Tomorrow’s Software

Tomorrow’s Software is the producer of CPAnalystOnline, automated financial analysis software. Trying to compete for the business of Fortune 500 companies with a fraction of the budget as its competition, Tomorrow’s Software turned to Dirty Hands. We refocused Tomorrow’s Software’s marketing efforts and price points to target small businesses of less than $5 million in revenues. With Scott’s guidance, Tomorrow’s Software established a reputation in this new market as a financial expert through local trade shows, online financial publications, an expert blog and keyword advertising. Facing much less competition and having established an expert reputation, Tomorrow’s Software was able to position themselves for great success.


Henderson Global Investors

Henderson Global Investors provides a wide range of investment products and services to institutions and individuals. When Dirty Hands came to Henderson, they were attempting to develop a new real estate investment vehicle targeting high net worth individuals. The problem Henderson faced was that while they had a reputation in institutional real estate investment, they had no distribution systems to reach the high net worth investors. With Dirty Hands’ help, the product development team restructured the product into a real estate investment trust (REIT) and utilized their existing distribution systems to market it to the retail sector. This new strategy allowed Henderson to take advantage of its two competitive advantages: a solid track record and an existing distribution system.


Kincade’s Bar and Restaurant

Scott and Dirty Hands have worked with Kincade’s Bar and Restaurant to develop special promotions, sponsored events and private parties designed to increase traffic on weekday nights.